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Missing XML files when using USMT and ConfigMgr SP2 November 25, 2009

Posted by tmintner in System Center Configuration Manager, USMT, Windows 7.
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So you just upgraded all of your ConfigMgr 2007 Site Servers to Sp2 and you think you are all ready to deploy Windows 7.  You integrate the latest MDT 2010 integration pieces and walk through the wizard to create your task sequence and create your new USMT 4.0 package.  You then decide to deploy Windows 7 to one of your existing Windows XP clients and it should migrate all of the user data and install the new OS…right?  Well after the installation starts it quickly finishes and doesn’t install Windows 7.  After looking through the smsts.log file, you will notice that the task sequence failed on the Capture User State Step with an error message that it cannot find miguser.xml.  Closer examination shows that it is looking for the XML file at the root of the package.  Looking at the contents of the USMT package, you will notice that the XML files are in the X86 folder or X64 folder.  Easy enough to fix, those MDT guys must have pointed the package to the wrong directory.  So you modify the package to point to the X86 folder and try it again.  Does it work?  NO!!  This time it fails because it cannot find scanstate.exe.  So what in the world is wrong?

Configuration Manager SP2 updates all of the executables that ConfigMgr uses for an OS Deployment.  One of the files that is used during a USMT migration is called OSDMigrateUserState.exe.  During an OS Deployment this file will be in one of two places.  For a New Computer deployment the file will be on Windows PE.  If you are doing a Refresh from an existing operating system the file will reside in the client’s local CCM directory.  If you just upgraded your site servers to SP2 the client machines won’t have the upgrade OSDMigrateUserState executable.  Prior to SP2, that executable had no knowledge of USMT 4 and the directory structure change of USMT.  So if you want to use USMT 4 in your ConfigMgr deployments you are going to need to upgrade all of your clients to ConfigMgr Sp2 as well!

This is just one example where mismatched SP1 and SP2 versions on your client machines will cause issues with Windows 7 deployments.  As a best practice always make sure you have SP2 fully deployed to all of your site systems AND all of your client computers before starting a Windows 7 deployment.


-Tim Mintner



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