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Identify Driver Problems in MDT 2010 Litetouch (new tool) November 19, 2009

Posted by keithga in MDT 2010, VBscript.

This tool is in response to a common question:

In my MDT 2010 Litetouch environment, how do I identify which hardware devices are not being installed with the correct drivers?

Introducing the “Yellow Bang” tool!

Yellow bang is a slang term used to describe drivers that have “problems” represented by a Yellow exclamation point ( ! ) in the Windows Device Manager:


Now typically, most IT professionals will be using SCCM, that can gather from each machine in the environment, and query computer status in a more structured way. This solution is only designed for IT departments that are using Litetouch only.

New Tool

Use this tool in MDT 2010 to identify all drivers that have problems on a client machine running MDT Litetouch. These are the drivers that have a Yellow Exclamation point (Bang) in the Windows Device Manager. Simply add this script to your …\scripts\ directory, and add the script to your task sequence.

For each driver that is not working properly the details are written to the bdd.log and the ZTIYellowBang.log file for later review.

Example Output

For this example, I have a HP Laptop that is missing a driver for the ACPI\HPQ0004 device, which is the “HP 3D DriveGuard”. <meh>

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit version: 5.0.1641.0
SUCCESS: 0: Create object: Set oScriptClass = New ZTIYellowBang  DRIVER_ERROR [28: Device drivers are not installed.]
DeviceID [ACPI\HPQ0004\3&33FD14CA&0]
HardwareID [ACPI\HPQ0004]
HardwareID [*HPQ0004]
CompatibleID []
ZTIYellowBang processing completed successfully.


Simply copy the ZTIYellowBang.wsf script to the Deployment Share under the …\scripts\ directory. Then add the ZTIYellowBang.wsf script as a Step to your Task Sequence:

Cscript.exe “%ScriptRoot%\ZTIYellowBang.wsf




Keith Garner is a Deployment Specialist with Xtreme Consulting Group


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2. kevin - May 22, 2010

I’m getting a:
ZTI ERROR = Unhandled error returned by ZTIYellowbang: Object doesn’t support this property or method (438).
On an xp.

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