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How to add users to “Remote Desktop Users” Group November 18, 2009

Posted by keithga in MDT 2010, VBscript.

Someone posted a question recently that I thought was intresting:

What is the correct way to use ZTIGroups.wsf, the Restore Groups MDT action, to populate local group membership of groups that have a space in the name?  As a test I’m trying to use CustomSettings.ini to add domain users/groups to the local Remote Desktop Users group.  I didn’t find a lot of detail in the MDT docs on doing anything other than Administrators or Power Users. 

I had done some work in ZTIGroups.wsf earlier this year. We added the ability to save the list of group names, and create the groups dynamically during restore time, in addition to the ability to add members to the group.

I had done testing with ZTIGroups.wsf, however I didn’t recall testing with the group “Remote Desktop Users” group. How did that work?

I tried running a command:

C:\>cscript ZTIGroups.wsf   /Groups1:"Remote Desktop Users"   "/Remote Desktop Users1:pickett\keith.garner"   /restore /Debug:True /DebugCapture

While looking at the output I noticed that the script was looking for a new property: “RemoteDesktopUsers”, where did that come from?

It turns out that the ZTIGroups.wsf script will look for members using the properly name derived from the name of the group being populated, *without* the spaces in the property name.

So running a deployment with the following properties in the customsettings.ini worked:

Groups001=Remote Desktop Users  RemoteDesktopUsers001=pickett\Keith.Garner


Keith Garner is a Deployment Specialist with Xtreme Consulting Group


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