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Troubleshooting Database Issues with MDT 2010 November 4, 2009

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There have been a few really great posts on how to troubleshoot database connection issues with BDD and MDT over the past couple of years.  Ben Hunter wrote a great post on this here: http://blogs.technet.com/benhunter/archive/2007/07/10/bdd-2007-troubleshooting-database-issues.aspx.  However, if you try to do this with MDT 2010 you will get a few errors in the output.  In MDT 2010 the structure of the scripts have changed somewhat and the functionality of ztigather has been extended to also gather additional information that now requires some compiled code.  So with MDT 2010, you can perform the same steps with the following modifications:

1. Create a folder on the client device and copy the following files from the deployment point to this folder:

  • ZTIGather.wsf
  • ZTIGather.xml
  • ZTIUtility.vbs
  • CustomSettings.ini
  • ZTIDataAccess.vbs (new script file in MDT 2010 for accessing data sources)
  • Create a Tools folder and create an X86 and X64 folders underneath the Tools folder.  Copy the Microsoft.BDD.Utility.dll file from the Tools\X64 and Tools\X86 folders in your deployment share to your newly created Tools\X86 and Tools\X64 folder

  2. Delete C:\MININT directory if it already exists. This folder can also be located at X:\MININT if the C drive is not available.

NOTE: MDT stores configuration and progress information in the MININT folder, if this folder is not removed between tests then the results will be invalid.

  3. From the command prompt navigate to the newly created folder and execute the rule processing script using the following command:

“cscript.exe ZTIGather.wsf /debug:true”

      The script will then be processed and the results outputted to the command prompt and a log file ( .\MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS\ZTIGather.log)

NOTE: The script can be run within Windows PE or the host operating system.

  4. Review the results of the script.


Tim Mintner is a Principal Consultant with Xtreme Consulting Group



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