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Quickly add MSI package to MDT 2010 (New Tool) November 3, 2009

Posted by keithga in MDT 2010.

New Tool! MDTMSIApp.exe

This tool can quickly import an application defined in a MicroSoft Installer (*.msi) package. This tool will extract out many of the required fields required to import an Applicaiton into MDT 2010 directly from the *.msi meta-data.

One of the most most overlooked features of MDT is the ability to define the “Uninstall registry key name” for each Application Item. When defined, during install time ZTIApplications will skip over the installation of any application by checking the windows registry.

This is a “Best Practice” for applications, as it will save time and errors during installation if a subset of applications were installed previously. The most common scenario is a set of applications that are installed in the base “Common” image before sysprep. Then afterwards, the user is provided a “full” list of applications to install, MDT install will easily skip over any application already installed in the base image.

There is also a command line interface below for scripting.

Fields auto-generated

The following Fields are Auto-Added:

  • ShortName – Generated from the name of the *.msi package.
  • Folder – Placed in the root of .\Applications by default. Can be changed in the command line.
  • Version – From the MSI Package “ProductVersion”.
  • UnInstallKey – From MSI Package “ProductCode”.
  • Publisher – From MSI Package “Manufacturer”
  • Name – From MSI Package “PackageName”
  • DisplayName – From MSI Package
    “Manufacturer” + “PackageName” + “ProductVersion”
    (If the Manufacturer name is duplicated in the PackageName, only one is added).
  • CommandLine – The following default command line will be used:
    ‘msiexec.exe /qb- /l*vx %LogPath%\<ShortName>.log REBOOT=ReallySuppress /i <MSIFile>




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